Our Services

Mediation & Arbitration

Al Farhan Attorney and Legal Consultants Establishment provide dispute settlement services on civil and commercial matters in a manner that ensures access to consensual solutions between the parties, including arbitration, mediation, conciliation and reconciliation.

The establishment also prepares the arbitration documents and represents its clients in the disputes at the accredited arbitration centres regionally and globally.


Al Farhan Attorney and Legal Consultants Establishment are licensed to plead before all Bahraini courts of all levels and types, including the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court.

The establishment can also represent its clients in all types of cases before the competent courts in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, either through its lawyers or through its partner companies and law firms accredited in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries with which they are associated with memorandums of cooperation and understanding.

The role of the establishment in relation to the jurisdiction of litigation is as follows:

  • Prosecution of all types of civil, commercial, labour, administrative, legal (Sharia), criminal, and speedy cases.
  • Follow-up with the procedures in the execution courts represented in the collection of the amounts awarded in favour of the clients, follow-up payments, request to take all the necessary precautionary measures and follow up with their implementation.
  • Attend on behalf of the clients before the official authorities and follow up with the necessary procedures and transactions, including: Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Awqaf, Public Prosecution, Police Stations, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Ministry of Labour and Social Development, and Ministry of Information Affairs.

Legal Consultants & Studies

Al Farhan Attorney and Legal Consultants Establishment offer a comprehensive range of oral and written consultations as desired by clients, including:

  • General legal consultations.
  • General Sharia Consultations.
  • Legal consultations in the real estate sectors.
  • Legal consultations in the field of commercial agencies.
  • Legal consultations in the field of employment and labours.
  • Legal consultations in the field of medical insurance disputes.

The establishment can also provide specialized research and legal studies services to its clients in different branches of law; particularly research and legal studies related to commercial competition, investment, intellectual property rights, taxes, insurance.

Debt Collection

Al Farhan Attorney and Legal Consultants Establishment are authorized to practice the activities of payment collection agencies and credit offices, including debt collection services for the benefit of its individual and corporate clients.

The establishment, through its accounting staff, settles and collects all kinds of debts, whether due, late or bad, so that the company assumes all the burdens and responsibilities of collection at their soonest and at the lowest cost.

The establishment also provides its debtors clients with advice, practical and legal solutions to repay their debts as soon as possible, in the best way possible.

Intellectual Property

Al Farhan Attorney and Legal Consultants Establishment provide their clients with all intellectual property related services. The establishment has high technical capabilities in the field of consulting, commercial and negotiation to provide legal services in most areas of intellectual property, including:

  • Copyright.
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Commercial Agencies
  • Industrial Designs

Companies Registration

Al Farhan Attorney and Legal Consultants Establishment are considered, under the license granted to it as one of the professional institutions in registering and establishing commercial companies of all types, and modifying them by adding new partners to them or exiting one of them, increasing or decreasing the capital, as well as the merger, acquisition and transfer of companies.

The establishment prepares, drafts and revises corporate statutes, incorporation contracts and corporate governance regulations, including internal audit regulations, in accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and attending board meetings.

Legal services related to commercial companies include:

  • Establishment of solidarity companies.
  • Establishment of joint venture companies
  • Establishment of joint stock companies
  • Establishment of limited partnership companies.
  • Establishment of limited partnership stock companies.
  • Establishment of limited liability companies.
  • Establishment of one person companies.
  • Establishment of holding companies